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97 Chapters containing 14,000 different classifications, in a Tariff that is always at least at least 5 years out-of-date where new products are concerned. A minefield that you can be guided safely through.

Tariff Classification might be an arcane and mysterious 'art', but it cannot be ignored as it is so vital. Most import and export measures are attached to the classification in the Tariff - get the classification wrong and the wrong measure will be applied.

Sometimes this will result in an undercharge, which sounds good until you become liable to pay up to 3 years back-tax that you cannot pass on to your customers - bad news!

On the other hand, if you have unwittingly paid too much, I can help you get it back! You only need pay what is legally due - no more.

Either of the above might require a BTI - Binding Tariff Information - to confirm the official line and give you future protection. Click of the BTI button for more information

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